11 Dirty (1)

It’s time for the dirty edition of truth or dare boys and girls, and we know you can’t wait to read what we have in store for you. Truth or dare can of course be used by young kiddos trying to have a good time with their friends, but it can also be used in a more dirty and risky way. Dirty truth or dare questions are awesome, but they might be hard to find online. That’s why we’re providing you with our top list so you can use. Read on, but reader discretion is advised while you read about our dirty truth or dare questions.


1. Call your mom and tell them you have an STD.

This is everyone’s worst nightmare, and that’s why it’s among our list of dirty truth or dares questions: revealing to your innocent mama that you’ve contracted an STD. Listening to their reactions would make everyone in the room cringe with regret and remorse. This is the ultimate good dare if you want to be ruthless and take no prisoners because this is truly almost as bad as it gets. Don’t forget to tell your poor mom that it was a joke at the end, though; they might never forgive you otherwise. Let’s be honest, she probably won’t ever forgive you anyways.

2. Streak down the street.

Streaking is an ultimate dare that should be utilized in every truth or dare game. Don’t presume that streaking is only for immature high schoolers that are trying to embarrass their buddies. While that does happen, streaking can also be sexy and a big turn on. I mean, someone is running around naked after all. We advise that you do this in a residential area to avoid being arrested for public nudity. Streaking is a classic dare and for good reason- it’s hilarious, mortifying, and everyone gets to check out someone’s goods. What more could you ask of a good dare?

3. Let someone take a body shot off of you.

Body shots are the perfect way to get a little boozed up and also turned on- at the same time! If you want to see the modest guys and girls uncomfortable, this is a good dare to use on them. Body shots are hot, funny, and, of course, allow you to get a little tipsy. Even if you’re not in a club in Cabo, you can still take body shots in your home!

4. Make out with the person you think is the most attractive in the room.

This is the perfect dare to turn up the heat during your next truth or dare game. Put your single friend in the hot spot and make them make out with whoever they’re most attracted to in the room. Attractions will be revealed, and this kiss could even lead to a hook up later. Anything is possible, considering kissing is where the magic usually begins!

5. Give someone a lap dance.

Lap dances are intimate and super hot, so it’s the perfect dirty dare to whip out during your next game. You can either let your dirty dare victim choose who they give their lap dance to, or make it a bit more interesting and choose for them. Either way, it’s bound to get everyone in the room turned on and is bound to make your victim feel uncomfortable and mortified at first! If you dare a girl to give the lap dance, it’ll be a hot and sexy time. If you ask a guy to, it might not be as sexy, but it will be hilarious and so embarrassing for them. AKA it’s a win-win!


6. What is your most embarrassing sex story?

This dirty truth or dare question will put your victim in the hot seat and make them squirm and blush with embarrassment. Everyone has an embarrassing sex story, but not everyone is as willing to share the tale with a whole group of people. Actually, nearly no one wants to share. That’s why this is the best dirty truth if you want to throw someone off. This storytelling answer will leave everyone dying laughing and blushing.

7. When was the last time you masturbated?

Masturbating is still a taboo topic among most, but nothing is off limits for dirty truth or dare questions. No one wants to reveal their masturbating details with a group of people; that’s why this is the perfect truth question. You might find out some revealing things about people you didn’t think you would.

8. Have you ever used a sex toy?

Sex toys is a taboo topic that not everyone is completely comfortable talking about. Sex toys are becoming more and more used in the bedroom, which is why it’s totally cool to ask someone this sexy truth question. There are tons of different options for sex toys, so you should even ask which ones they use! You might find out your most innocent friends are way kinkier than you think. If someone claims they’ve never used a sex toy before, call their bluff!

9. How did you lose your virginity?

Virginity stories are hilarious and revealing, which is why it’s a great dirty truth or dare question. Some people hate talking about their virginity stories while others have epic tales they enjoy sharing. That’s why the story about losing your virginity is the perfect dirty laundry to air at your next truth or dare game. Get ready to hear some hilarious stories, cringe-worthy tales, and some steamy sexual experiences.

10. Who do you want to hook up with the most in this room?

Wow, talk about a loaded question. This good truth questions is almost guaranteed to get two crushes hooking up by the end of the night. This is apparently best asked when you’re playing truth or dare with a group of singles because there’s bound to be some existing sexual tension between the members of your group. Get ready to be the instigator of some hookups; your friends will thank you later.