11 Dares for Truth or Dare 1

Truth or dare is the perfect game for multiple ages, but recently it’s become popular among adults. That’s right, truth or dare is no longer just a childish game for youngsters, it’s a sexy and fun game for adults. Wild dares and exposing truths are the best way to spice up a social gathering or a dull dinner party. You can make things dirty, funny, or both all of which will be super fun and entertaining. You might be super down to try out this game at your next party, but don’t know where to begin. That’s exactly why we’re here today to share with you 11 dares for truth or dare. Sure, truths are just as important, but dares are usually way harder to come up with. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our list!

1. Give someone a lap dance.

Lap dances are sexy, fun, and the perfect way to spice up a party after a couple of rounds of cocktails. You can either dare singles to do this or a couple, it works either way, and people will be aroused and entertained regardless. Lap dances are innocent enough not to get too raunchy, but sexy enough to turn people on. You can get PG13 or rated R with this dare; it’s simply up to you.

2. Give a strip tease.

Strip teases are definitely a rated R dare, but if your group is up for this risky behavior do it! We can imagine this dare coming up after a few rounds of shots, and would probably be best for college-aged adults. This dare is for a group of people that are comfortable around each other and that have no boundaries. If you think this description fits your group of friends, then whip this dare out at your next game. Out of all the dares for truth or dare, this is probably one of the naughtiest.

3. Take a body shot off the person next to you.

Body shots aren’t just for crazy spring breaks in Mexico; you can make the madness happen in the comfort of your home. Body shots are a raging good time and is enough to make anyone get turned on- and get buzzed while doing it. Drinking while doing a dare is a great idea to break the ice and get a little bit more comfortable. So pick your favorite alcohol and buckle down!

4. Have sex in a public place.
This is amongst one of the riskiest dares for truth or dare on our list. Engaging in sex in a public place can be hot, but it’s also uncomfortable, dangerous and potentially illegal! This dare is best put on two people that are already hooking up because daring two people that are unfamiliar with each other might be crossing the line. But, as we’ve said before, nothing is off limits in the game of truth or dare.

5. Have a threesome.

This is another dare for truth or dare that would be best suited for a couple or two people that have been hooking up! Then again, having two people that haven’t hooked up with jump straight into a threesome could be the ultimate dirty dare. Threesomes have become much less taboo than they used to be, so don’t be scared to throw it out there. The worst thing that’s going to happen is they scoff at you and call you a perv.

6. Send your crush or fling a sexy picture.

Daring your friend to send a sexy picture to their crush or fling is the perfect dirty dare for adults. It’s something they probably wouldn’t do on their own- especially if it’s their crush. They will be reluctant at first, but they can’t back out or else you have to give the a dare that’s WAY worse. If you want to make things even more interesting, tell them the pose they have to do!

7. Wear the opposite sex’s underwear for an hour.

This dare sounds uncomfortable- literally. Guys will be especially embarrassed to put on women’s panties for a full hour knowing that the whole group is aware of what kind of skivvies he’s wearing. This is one of the funniest dares for truth or dare we have on our list.

8. Get naked for the rest of the game.

This dirty dare for adults is guaranteed to spice up your game and turn it up from 0-100 real quick. Getting naked in front of the whole group and staying that way for the duration of the game is the ultimate dare to embarrass your victim and potentially turn on the people around them. It’s for sure a win-win for everybody.

9. Lick whip cream off someone’s body.

Whip cream in the bedroom is one of the most classic ways to spice things up in a hot and yummy way. That’s why using whip cream on someone’s body is on our list of dares for truth or dare today. You can be modest and allow them to go into the bedroom, or make them do it in front of everyone! It depends on how ruthless you are.

10. Kiss someone of the opposite sex.

Guys might be imagining some super hot girl on girl action right about now, but this dare can go both ways. Daring two guys to smooch is hilarious, and they might as well die of embarrassment right then and there. But every guy loves watching some girl on girl action, so that might be the best way to go with this dirty dare.

11. Do your best fake orgasm.

This might be one of the most embarrassing dares for truth or dare on our list. No one wants to pretend that they’re having an orgasm in front of a group of people, but nothing is off limits for truth or dare.  Ready to start playing truth or dare with your friends ?  Check out the yolosnap app and play now!